Become a Better and Funnier Speaker with David Nihill

Today’s guest was absolutely terrified of public speaking, but now he’s been a full-time comedian and founded a company that helps companies connect with customers through funnier messages. He reveals the two key ways you can make your next speech funnier and more memorable. Also, listen is the little hacks that will dramatically improve your next talk.

David Nihill is the founder at FunnyBizz.

Getting Started with Twitter’s Mobile Development Platform Fabric

Are you trying to single handedly build frameworks and functionalities? Well today’s guest walks us through Twitter’s mobile development platform, Fabric and how you can save loads of time integrating its SDK. Also, if you are creating something that caters to app developers listen to her advice on how to present coding demos.

Bear Douglas is a Developer Advocate at Twitter & Fabric.

Starting a company through an IPO with Karl Pawlowicz

Today’s guest started his recent company by raising funds through an IPO. I didn’t even think that was possible so I asked him to come on and tell us how he did it. Also, if you’re running an agency, then listen to his story and the key lessons he learned from running two separate agencies of his own.
Karl Pawlowicz is the Co-Founder and CEO at Big Rock Labs.

Building the Fart Watch App with Daniel Haaser & Andrew Slaughter

Are you thinking about building an app for the new Apple Watch? Well today’s guests are behind the Fart Watch app and they talk about the ins and outs of building an app for the Apple Watch. Also, listen to the clever hack that they built to get the watch to interact with the phone.

Daniel Hasser is the ‘Lead Fart’ at Fart Watch. Andrew Slaughter is the ‘Farketing’ guy at Fart Watch.

The process to coming up with a billion dollar app idea with Alex Bratton

Are you like me and you’re tired of building small $2 apps and want to build the next billion app idea? Well today’s guest is the author of Billion Dollar Apps and he walks us through the 6-step process for coming up and executing on these big ideas. Also, listen to the part of the show where he explains why it’s so important to develop your app strategy with a problem centric view.

Alex Bratton is the CEO & Chief Geek of Lextech.