353: How to Approach Influencers & Celebrities with Garret Alan Jiroux

How do you approach influencers and celebrities about your app? Well today’s guest breaks down his process from working with a few big stars. Also, listen to the part of the show when he talks about how he hustled his way to raising money for his startup.

Garret Alan Jiroux is the President and Co-founder at Tape.

Garret Alan Jiroux


352: From Zynga to Building a Safety Companion with Preet Anand

Today’s guest was the youngest lead product manager at Zynga and he talks about leaving Zynga and building his latest startup called Bluelight. Also listen to how talking to users actually helped him overcome a low point in his entrepreneurial career.

Preet Anand is the CEO and Founder of Bluelight.

Preet Anand


351: How to Work With Internet Celebrities with Herdjie Zhou

Are you looking to work with some influencers in your space? Well today’s guest lined up relationships with the biggest internet cat celebrities and he shares his approach along with the partnership agreement. Also, listen to his mindset about not failing and how that has led to 2M downloads including a feature by Apple.

Herdjie Zhou is Co-Founder & Producer at Lucky Kat.

Herdjie Zhou

Lucky Kat Studios

350: Techcrunch Co-Founder on How to Generate Big Ideas with Keith Teare

Today’s guest is a serial entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of Techcrunch and he walks us through his process for generating with big ideas. Also, if you’re thinking about raising money, then listen to how you can tell your startup’s story that will make investors envious if they don’t join.

Keith Teare is the CEO and Founder of Chat Center and founder Archimedes Labs.

Keith Teare

Chat Center

348: The Power of Localizing Your Apps with Ben Jarris

I break the normal AppMasters format to bring on a three time guest, Ben Jarris, to talk about what worked during his launch for Drop The Chicken 2. There’s some valuable content about localization, reaching out to YouTubers, and what sponsorships really work. If you’re in games, this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

Ben Jarris was the Digital Creative Director and Co-Founder of App in the Box.

Ben Jarris

App in the Box