How a professional actor sells a $20 app with David H. Lawrence XVII

What to know the secret to successfully selling a premium, $20 app? Well today’s guest is a professional actor who built an app specifically for actors and he shares how being his best customer has led to his success. Also, if you’re thinking about starting your podcast, listen to his tip about how to sound a bit more professional.

David H. Lawrence is Actor, VO artist and teacher at, and creator of Rehearsal, the app for actors.

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How a “bathroom guy” became a game investor with Rupert Meghnot

What’s the #1 mistake that game developers make when pursuing their idea? Well today’s guest says it’s all about planning and he walks us through his process for developing a plan for your game. Also, listen to how the story of how he went from a “bathroom guy” into a game investor.

Rupert Meghnot is the Founder and CEO at Burnout Game Ventures.

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How to connect with key influencers with Roger Obando

How do you connect with what Malcolm Gladwell calls the mavens in his book The Tipping Point? Well today’s guest talks about his approach and how he landed a key influencer in the travel space. Also, listen to how continually talking to his customers helped the company build the right features.

Roger Obando is the Co-Founder & CTO at Kamino Labs, Inc.

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3 Huge Mobile Advertising Problems and How to Fix It

It has now been over 6 years since the launch of the App Store. In that time, over 75 billion app downloads have occurred, and there are now 1.3 million apps available to consumers. However, as it is now widely known, discoverability has become and increasingly...

Optimizing mobile game design for ad monetization with Gregory Kennedy

Coming up is a recording from a Meetup I did with Gregory Kennedy of Tapsense. In the interview, you’ll hear how to optimize your mobile game for ad monetization. Also, listen to the part of the show where we discuss real-time bidding (RTB) and why private RTB works best.

Gregory Kennedy is the Senior VP of Marketing at TapSense.

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