Apptentive: How to Survey Your Users & Drive More 5-Star Reviews with Robi Ganguly

Do you know exactly how your users feel about your app? Well today’s guest is the CEO of Apptentive and he tells us when and how to ask for user feedback that will drive more 5-star reviews for your app. Also, listen to the part of the interview where he tells us the type of questions you should ask that will actually yield valuable answers.

Why Launching is So Important with Steve P. Young

Coming up is an interview I did on Scotty Ruth’s My Appventure podcast back in May of 2013. We were both just getting started with our podcasts and I talk about the schedule I put into place that has allowed me to leave my corporate job and earn a living all on my own. I know there are a few folks currently at corporate jobs and I hope that this either inspires you or gives you some guidance on how I was finally able to take the entrepreneurial leap and NOT fall flat on my face.

LearnToProgram.TV: Learn Mobile App Development with Mark Lassoff

Are you looking to develop a mobile app all on your own? Well today’s guest has over 500,000 students across his courses and he talks about the one skill you should learn to start developing mobile apps. Also, listen to the part of the show where he reveals how you can be a better teacher / communicator.

AppReviewMe: How to Attract More Reviews for Your App with Tyler Kessler

Are you looking for a way to increase your App Store ranking? Well today’s guest is the founder of AppReviewMe and he talks about ways you can attract more positive reviews for your apps. Also, if you’re looking to build your first mobile app then listen to why buying a source code maybe the way to go.