Yapp: How to Create Your Own Mobile App with Maria Seidman

Upcoming up, think entrepreneurship is just something you’re born with? Well, listen to how today’s guest became an entrepreneur by obsessing over her idea. She didn’t seek out entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship found her. Also, listen to the story of how today’s founder got kicked out of Starbucks because she was surveying people to get early user feedback. All that and so much more.

SearchMan: How to Improve Your App Store Search Rank with Niren Hiro

Want a quick and easy way to improve your app visibility? Well I’ve got Niren Hiro, the co-founder and CEO of SearchMan to teach us everything we need to know about app store SEO. There’s a fundamental shift happening in app discovery and search is going to play a HUGE part in the app store. You don’t want to miss this episode.

PostureScreen Mobile: How to Use Your Mobile App as a Lead Generation Tool

In this interview, you’ll hear how an app developer uses his mobile app as a lead generation tool for his seminars. Also, listen how today’s guest overcame his own developers doubts about his app idea. If you ever thought about building an app that caters to your own niche, this is the episode for you.

Pitch Perfect: The Art of Promoting Your App on the Web with Steve Sande

Have you been struggling to get your app noticed by top bloggers? Well I’ve got Steve Sande who is the Features Editor at The Unofficial Apple Weblog and author of Pitch Perfect: The Art of Promoting Your App on The Web to teach us what to include in our email pitch to stand out from the hundreds of emails he receives a day. If you ever want to be reviewed by a top blog this is the episode for you.

BraveBit: The Untold Story of Going Out on Your Own with Scott Ruth

Thinking about taking the leap and going out on your own? Today’s guest tells us the untold stories of being a consultant – the highs along with the lows. Too many times we only hear about the success stories and I want this podcast to show you that we all have fears and we all go through extreme highs and lows. Warning this guest is about to get real!