393: How to Communicate with Engineers with Sean Porter

Are you a product or design person that has a hard time communicating your vision to a developer? Well today’s guest shares the core skills of a good product manager and how to properly communicate to engineers. Also, listen to the story of how a dinner with another founder led to him selling his company to that founder’s business.

Sean Porter is VP of Product & Engineering at FullContact.

Sean Porter


392: App Marketing on Pinterest with Mason Day

You’ll hear how today’s entrepreneur founded his app company with funding from his employer. Also, listen to the big set back in his company and how he used Pinterest to turn it all around.

Mason Day is Co-Founder at GrowIt!

Mason Day


391: The Analysis You Should Do Before Building Your Product with Keith Casey

If you’re like me you just go from idea to building without thinking through the whole idea. Well, I think that’s a big mistake and today’s guest tells us that development is the easiest part of the process and shares the analysis that we should do before we actually build the product. Also, listen to the way that he frames the questions that he poses to potential customers to get to the heart of the problem that makes it easier to make the sale.

Keith Casey is the Director of Product at Clarify, Inc.

Keith Casey