Don’t Send a PR Email Without These 4 Free Tools

I used to spend hours crafting the perfect pitch. The subject line was compelling, the announcement was newsworthy, and I found the perfect reporter. However, all I heard was crickets. Should I email Techcrunch again? Is it too soon to follow up? Am I coming off as...

How to get press for your app & the secret to 10,000’s of downloads with Steve P. Young

This is a recording of a webinar that I presented. You’ll discover the tactics that I used to get featured on The Next Web, iMore, TUAW, AppAdvice and more.

– The ONE pitch that will almost guarantee a review
– The ONE tactic that will generate 10,000’s of downloads
– The secret ASO tool that will generate high-traffic, low competition keywords
– 7 ways to make your email pitch 300% more interesting to the reporter

Learn more about the App Launch course:

The ASO strategy you can use in 2015 with Gabriel Machuret

What are the app store optimization strategies that you can use in 2015? Well I brought back Gabriel Machuret the ASO Professional to discuss how the App Stores are changing and what you can do moving forward to rank well for your target keywords. Also, listen to the part of the show where Gab shares the dark side of entrepreneurship – something I believe we should all talk about more.

Turn your WordPress blog into a mobile app with Scott Bolinger

Do you want an easy way to publish a mobile app through your Wordpress blog? Well today’s guest built that platform and he talks about his story along with advice on how to find a technical co-founder. Also listen to his tip about practical entrepreneurship and how you push yourself to do the things that frankly just need to get done.

Scott Bolinger is the founder of AppPresser.

How to get over the fear of selling with Derick Bailey

Are you thinking of releasing and selling your first product? Well today’s guest talks about how he got over the fear of selling and now makes $2,500 a month from selling his screencasts. Also, if you’re thinking about taking the entrepreneurial leap then listen to the part of the show where he shares how we finally made the jump and his advice for those who are already on their own.

Derick Bailey is a software developer and founder of Signal Leaf and WatchMeCode.