How to Use Real World Examples to Learn a New Programming Language with Marco Napoli

Are you taking courses and watching webinars but not really coming out with anything tangible that you can use? Well today’s guests talks about how he builds the same exact app when trying to learn a new language and how that helps speed up the learning curve. Also, listen to what he thinks are the most exciting features in iOS 8.

Marco Napoli is the founder of Idea Blocks.

How Steve Scott Earns $60K a Month From Kindle Books

Do you want to write an eBook or have you published a book and are not seeing much results? Well today’s guests has over 40 Kindle Books and generates $30,000 to $60,000 and he talks about how you can get started and how to really stand out from the crowd. Also, listen to how taking a mobile app course actually started him down this self publishing business.

How a Failed Bar Owner Built Yo with Or Arbel

Coming up is a story of how a failed bar owner went on to build the wildly controversial app called Yo!. Also, listen to how he is able to overcome the negativity that the tech press has unleashed on him.

Or Arbel is the Co-Founder & CEO at Yo.

How a Developer Built an App Discovery Site with 6M Unique Visitors with Albert Feliu

Are you looking for an affordable way to get your app noticed? Well today’s guest built an app discovery site that has over 6 million unique visitors and he shares how developers can get your app reviewed and analyzed by his mobile experts. Also, listen to the story of how he compares building a company today to when he started back in the 90’s.

Albert Feliu is the CEO and co-founder at AppsZoom.

How to Turn Your App into an Actual Product with Andrew Garkavyi

How do you turn your grand app vision into an actual working product? Well today’s guest walks us through step-by-step the process he uses with his clients which include Intel, Merriam-Webster and more. Also, listen to the one strategy that he’s used to land more clients for his company.