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AutoLotto - Tony DiMatteo

AutoLotto – Tony DiMatteo


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About the Episode

Coming up how do you deliver happiness to your customers and clients? Well today’s guest talks about how having a delivering happiness mindset completely changed his business. Also, listen to the part of the show when he reveals the three things he looks for when hiring BAMFs – bad a$$ mo fos.

Tony DiMatteo is Co-Founder & CEO at AutoLotto, Inc.

Show Notes

Delivering Happiness

Change your mindset as it is not enough to be good at what you do or to be the best guy who can solve any problem. We are not in the ‘fixing things’ business, we are in the ‘making people happy business’. Whether it is your customer, your investor or the people you work — aim to deliver happiness instead of just delving into the technical stuff. This is true of all businesses. Start with the premise that making people happy is what will make you successful and derive action steps to achieve this point. Make this as your one general principle, and have your team members make this theirs, and this will accelerate everybody.

Three Things to Looks for When Hiring BAMFs

Tony used to hire people solely on gut instinct and did not really have a process. He learned from this mistake though and developed a system to evaluate people and hire amazing staff, or what they call BAMFs (Bad A$$ Mo Fos). The candidate should have three of these characteristics: intelligence, integrity and intrinsic motivation. It is imperative that the person that they will hire will have all three I’s as it will simply not work out if one is missing.

  • Intelligence + Integrity -> will not get a whole lot done.
  • Integrity – Intrinsic motivation -> Useful, but not an all star.
  • Intelligence + Intrinsic motivation -> will destroy your company from the inside.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Outlook: (iTunes | Google Play)

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