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Today’s guest was an early Pandora engineer and now runs a development shop with a team of 20 developers. He shares his new project on using AI to help save the lives of domestic violence victims. While we do delve into some serious issues, you will also discover how to build your own AI powered apps.

Brian Russel Davis is the Chief Technology Officer at Women’s Global Leadership Initiative and Founder at Axiom88.

Show Notes

Using AI to Save Lives is an artificial intelligence bot targeted at helping victims of domestic violence find a safe place. It’s basically a stand in for a 1-800 # in instances where you can’t make a call. Instead of making a call, you can just text or send a message from any messaging service – Messenger, Skype, Slack, anything which has a messaging component. Messages can also be downloaded quickly as you do not have to download an app. Domestic violence is something which happens to everyone despite of gender and this app is aiding people by giving them the means to let others know about your situation without bringing attention as you can message in silence. The aim is to match the people who need help with an organization who can.

How to Build Your Own AI-Powered Apps

Jael’s prototype was built in a day. There are tons of APIs out there which are free which can help you build AI chat bots rather quickly. The ones which Brian used was which was built by Google and there are others similar to this. The big part of this is natural language processing so you do not have to give the exact response or input. You should build the intent into your flow so that if a person says something, the bot would take this certain path.

Show Mention

Mezi – AI powered personal assistant
– Fav app: Amazon Music: (iTunes | Google Play)

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