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Are you outsourcing your app development? Well today’s guest provides us with 4 things that could go wrong and how to detect them early. Also, he shares why it’s a bad sign if your developer does NOT want to share the code.

Chaim Sajnovsky is the founder of

Show Notes

Doing Outsourcing Right and Doing it The Smart Way

Things can get very ugly between you and the developer so here are the things that you need to look out for.

Communication– this is the very foundation of your relationship. You need to trust the developer and you need to be 100% sure that he understands what your idea is. Your ideas will stay on your mind if you do not know how to communicate right to your developer. The worse thing that you can happen is that you will see the app when it’s done and by then, it’ll be too late and too expensive to fix things. When you are talking, double check and triple check that they understand very well what you want to do. Apart from documentation, bring graphical examples and try to explain everything in a way that he understands them completely.

Delivery– A big red flag is when your developer does not want to share the code with you and refuses to send you updates. You should be very clear before you hire that they need to share the code with you but you should expect that they will be asking for periodical payments for them to be assured as well that you will run off with it without paying them. This way, they will give you access and if the developer will suddenly disappear, you can continue with the project with another developer or company.

Relationships–some developers are very skilled but lack ethics so you need to make sure that you are looking eye to eye in terms of values. To do this, be very clear from the onset about what you want and be transparent with all the information that you have. Your relationship should be like any friendships – you won’t try to cheat or take advantage of friends. If you don’t treat each other well, sure you will get your app done but you can ensure that people won’t want to develop anything else for you in the future.

Skill–you should test if your developer has the capacity of understanding what you are saying, be able to properly quote what you want to do, and to ensure that they will complete the task until the end.   Some developers may fear new challenges so you should be able to gauge if they have the skill to get over that as technologies always updating and not one app is the same.

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