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About the Episode

Today’s guest is a former Ford model turned tech entrepreneur and she talks about how she built a marketplace that allows you to hire models, photographers, social influencers and more. Also, if you’re thinking about fund raising, listen to the part of the show where she shares the best business advice she’s ever received.

Sandy Kacura is Founder at Becasted.

Show Notes

Building Becasted

Sandy started out as a model and had landed good jobs but had experienced challenges in the business such as being treated badly, getting bad advice, and getting paid too many months after a booking. Her co-founder, who is also her husband, then thought of building a platform where a model can books jobs, get paid and basically manage their careers right inside the platform. Apart from this, the app also connects brands directly with talents, and not just models but an entire production in one invoice.

To meet influencers and get them signed up, Sandy goes to lots of events, at times sponsors them, and make the most out of those events.

The Best Business Advice She’s Ever Received

Do not take the first Letter of Intent you receive. Sandy shares that they met an investor at one of the events, although they were not looking for one, and that investor gave them an LOI. Everybody advised them not to take the first one they get and it turned out for the better.

Course: Persevering and Never Quitting

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