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Today’s guest is Gabe Kwakyi, CEO & Co-Founder at Incipia. You will discover how to get started with Apple Search ads, the factors that influence keyword and top chart rankings, managing A/B tests, and so much more.

This interview was recorded as part of our App Masters Virtual Summit back in November 2011.

Gabe Kwakyi is the CEO & Co-Founder at Incipia.


05:00 – Are you cannibalizing your own search terms?

09:15 – What is organic uplift?

10:05 – Factors influencing your keyword and top chart rank

10:44 – Managing A/B testing

15:04 – What you need to know about A/B testing

15:46 – What is Google’s organic insights?

17:25 – What Gabe and his team do on Google side in terms of AdWords


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