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 Beloved Robot - Jarrod Glasgow

Beloved Robot – Jarrod Glasgow


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About the Episode

Are you a freelancer or running your own consulting agency? Well listen to how today’s guest found his first client while still at a corporate job and how he manages his clients today. Also, listen to what works in finding new clients and the one tactic that did NOT work that he spent a lot of time on.

Jarrod Glasgow is Co-Founder at Beloved Robot.

Show Notes

How to Find Clients

Jarrod found his first client through sheer hard work a.k.a. cold emailing. Next to cold calling, this is the second most difficult way to get a potential client’s attention but Jarrod did it. He advises anyone emailing a potential client to just be honest. Do not claim to be something you are not; most clients will give a startup company a chance.

Dos and Don’ts in Finding Clients

Jarrod says it is good to target local companies but just be sure to identify the decision maker – the one who actually signs the check. Then make a list of the first ten companies near you that you think have a need for you services. Go after them. Email them, catch their attention, talk to them. Send them a basket of fruits, if necessary. In other words, give it your best shot. If it does not work, make another list, do the same thing again.

Jarrod’s one tactic that did not work in pinpointing potential clients in the early days was to target ad agencies. He does not know why it is so hard to get a foot in the door of ad agencies but he said he wasted so much time and effort on ad agencies.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

You must have an idea that you are really excited about. Something that can make you continue working for hours after finishing a regular day job. Just do the app. Finish the app. This is your finish line. At some point, you must be able to say “Wow! I am done!”

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