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This video is a follow up of my previous one where I shared things that you should be looking out for in optimizing in Google Play.

In the data that I show you in this video, I share rankings of one of my clients but sadly, we did not see any real increase in downloads. We optimized the app, saw a good increase in ranking as we actually got our client into the Top 5 for 6 of the different keywords so I presumed it will make sense that we would be getting substantial amount from downloads. Unfortunately for this client on Google Play, we did not see any bump at all Nada. This shocked me and the only hypothesis I can come up with is that the keywords that I was optimizing just did not have any search volume whatsoever. Another reason might be that nobody searches app on Google Play but I am more inclined to believe in my former theory.

In my previous video, I mentioned that Mobile Action holds the most accurate data as, when it comes to Google Play, every keyword in Sensor Tower has a high difficulty score.  Although I still believe that Mobile Action’s data is accurate in other areas, the Search Score might not as spot on leading us to fail in getting the downloads that we were expecting. I am led to believe that, in terms of data on traffic, Sensor Tower paints a better picture and I confirmed this as well by going to the Google Ad Words Planner tool.

With this experience, I hereby stand by my previous tip to always use two ASO tools.

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