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Coming up, I’m gonna show you my recommendations when anyone asked what ASO tool do you recommend for tracking keywords. Stay tuned!

Best Tool to Track Keywords

I highly recommend App Follow. This tool is free, just sign up and you’re good to go. This tool allows you to track up to 20 different keywords that you want to keep an eye.

For anybody looking for lower volume keywords, if you’re trying to track a hundred or so maybe you should pay App Follow or check out other tools. But for me, I absolutely love App Follow for volume keywords in terms of the number of keywords that you want to keep.

Also, I personally think 20 is good enough. Tracking more than that is just like way too much for me.

What are the Cool Things About App Follow?

App Follow is pretty easy to use. First, you have to add your app and then edit your keywords.

The cool thing about App Follow is you can see the popularity of each keyword. You can see the ranks, the change, the best rank you’ve been and it also tells you where the keywords are showing up, the average number of apps and you’re ranking history.

Another cool feature about App Follow is that it actually syncs with Slack. You can set up Slack integration so that if you receive a written review in the Appstore, it will show up in Slack and you can respond to it within App Follow.

In addition, you can set up the notifications to receive an email about the keywords you are tracking. I receive emails that show me some of the most popular keywords that I’m tracking and just sort of a glance see where I’m ranking.

Overall, App Follow is a simple tool that allows you to see reviews and track the keywords. This is the tool that I use when tracking the keywords that I want to rank for my apps.


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