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Do we really need another screen time app? Well today’s guest shares why he decided to build his screen time app and what makes his different. Also, you will discover how to post in FB groups without sounding spammy, why PR failed as a marketing channel and why you should ask your users if they have considered uninstalling your app. He also launched indiegogo campaign yesterday

William James Heathershaw is CEO at

Show Notes

How Ava Started

As the name of Heathershaw’s social enterprise suggests, the company and their app Ava is inspired by Heathershaw’s nieces and nephew. Most parents struggle in controlling their children’s screen time. In addition, the contents proved to be another concern.

Parental controls have been around since the PC days but most parts are about restrictions and blocking content which only results in resentment on the kids’ end.

Ava gives a new perspective to parental control. It offers a new way that is beneficial and helpful for parents and at the same time something that children don’t hate, so they implement positive reinforcement features.

How to Post on Facebook Groups Without Sounding Spammy

You can bring your app to Facebook groups and share a localized conversation with the members. However, this might not be easy as the acceptance rate to these groups is not that high. A lot of these groups have a wall that asks you what city you live in and other questions to filter the members and ensure that you really belong to the community.

Once you’re accepted, introduce your app in a manner that is relevant to the members. For example, since Ava is developed for parents, if you’re in a Facebook group of parents, you can say: “We have this great product that receives a lot of great feedback from families similar to your group. We would love to receive your feedback as well.”

This message establishes that there is already a traction about the app by telling them that you have already worked with other families from other groups in other cities. Also, this is a good start to let them know that you are not selling anything in the group.

Why Ask Users If They Are Installing an App

Clever Tap offers marketers like you a platform to retain your users. They have the data, insights and segmentation to do this.

They have this ghost pushing notification. They know when users actually deleted your app on their phone and with this, you an automatically send those users a follow-up email if you have their email address.

A case study reveals that companies who use this experience as much as 26 percent decrease in uninstall rate. If you are interested, check out CleverTap.

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