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Binary Formations - Diane Hamilton

Binary Formations – Diane and Kevin Hamilton


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About the Episode

Coming up how do you get featured by Apple without doing any type of outreach? Well today’s guests have been featured by Apple as Editor’s Choice and they talk about simple things you can do to make sure Apple is aware of your app. Also, if you are thinking about exhibiting your app at a conference, then listen to the part of the show where she shares her advice and the things you should be looking out for.

Diane Hamilton is the Managing Partner at Binary Formations.

Kevin Hamilton handles the coding and software design duties at Binary Formations.

Show Notes

Making Apple Aware of Your App

Kevin and Diane were making money but it was still just ‘hobby money’ and not enough to pay the mortgage. This is when they realized that they needed to get Apple’s attention so, after a week of coding, they made simple changes in their app wherein users can use their iPhones to take pictures instead of carrying cameras or laptops around.  After that, they were in the Mac feature front page for a solid month and New York Times even mentioned it.

They admitted they don’t have access to a lot of media and they were not good at publicity but shared that they built their software with their users in mind first but also considered Apple users. They try to zoom in on what Apple is trying to emphasize at the moment: when Apple went to Retina, they ensured they have a version that supported Retina; when it was clear that they wanted to feature the iPhone, they ensured that they have something that worked with the iPhone. It’s a win for Apple, a win for them and a win for their customers.

Exhibiting your app at a conference

Diane and Kevin were thinking about a venue where they can create a big bang and show it to as many people other than write emails for press coverage so they looked around and saw a number of conferences. They finally decided to go to Mac World because of the audience was made up of consumers and tech press and it was also affordable, making it accessible to indies. It ended up to be a good decision as they did the official launch of Chore-nator there and they were also invited to their media spotlight event (which was the day before the conference).This is a thing that you should look out at conferences: What are the other things to look at besides just the exhibit hall? Is there anything else you can leverage?They ended up winning the best of show!

Show Mentions

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