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Today’s guest is the Director of Performance Marketing at Blinkist. You will discover why you should eat data for breakfast, what she describes as the marketing symphony and how to use paid content to drive more app installs.

Gessica Bicego is the Director of Performance Marketing at Blinkist.

Show Notes

“Eat Data for Breakfast”

This is Gessica’s motto and this was inspired by one of her favorite books, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” She wanted to apply the motto to her daily grind as a marketer and embraced it after reading it. Since she’s Italian and loves food; and has a background in computer science, she decided to use the food and data metaphor.

Gessica practices this by starting her day at the office reading data. She just looks at the figures, examines if everything is okay and decides if she has everything she needs. That’s basically where “eat data for breakfast” came from.

What You Need to Know About Headline and Content

Gessica agrees that numbers in the headlines help and also suggests that you be clear about your title. Don’t be too general or don’t over promise. She added that sensational titles don’t work because even if it gets attention, it’s difficult to keep up with what one promises.

She also encouraged that you never give up with your content. According to her, they have a number of content pieces which did not work. However, after making some small changes like tweaking the introduction, or changing the picture, they suddenly became a hit.

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