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BlueLight - PreetAnand

BlueLight – PreetAnand


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About the Episode

Today’s guest was the youngest lead product manager at Zynga and he talks about leaving Zynga and building his latest startup called Bluelight. Also listen to how talking to users actually helped him overcome a low point in his entrepreneurial career.

Preet Anand is the CEO and Founder of Bluelight.

Show Notes

When to Leave a Safe and Well-Paying Job to Work for Yourself

Events have a way of falling into place. Zynga was having some internal crisis and a young app developer had a viable idea he had been slowly working on in his spare time. Not in any way was the app a reality yet but just an idea with some research and feedback already done. This was the blue print of BlueLight and this was Preet’s exit door. Bluelight eventually became the app that allowed users to go safely wherever and at whatever time they want.

Bluelight is an amazing app that is like 911 but much, much more.  It routes you to the nearest help and gives your exact location.

Bouncing Back from Setbacks by Validating Your Work via User Feedback 

The lowest point in app developer’s career is probably to be assured of financial backing and have the financier back out at the last minute. No matter how valid the reasons may be, there is no way this won’t get any developer down. Add the loss of a co-founder who suddenly opted to move on to the safe world in Silicon Valley and here you are, not getting a salary for more than year – some people have died of misery for less.

When one hits rock bottom, Preet advises to go back to the reasons why this app was conceived in the first place. Talk to the users, get their feedback and find out how much the app means to them. If your app still has value to them,thatis the validation of your work.

Show Mentions

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