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Boldened - Wyatt Gallagher

Boldened – Wyatt Gallagher


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About the Episode

Are you building your app right after you get the initial idea? Well today’s guest had his app featured by Apple and Techcrunch and he reveals his process of finding the right features by asking why a few times to yourself. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the impact on sales from being featured on Apple vs Techcrunch.

Wyatt Gallagher is the Co-founder & CEO at Boldened.

Ameer Suhayb Carter is Co-Founder and Creative Director at The Empty Space and Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Boldened ltd. (formerly Feels LTD.)

Show Notes

The Process of Asking Why to Find the Right Features:

Always ask why. Why this and not that? Why do it? Create scenarios that start with why. Then make a decision chart. Based on the aim of the app, or the need it answers, make the decision. After going through a series of whys, the prioritization of wants will emerge. Then the decision about what features to include in the app becomes clear and easy to identify.

Impact on Sales after being featured by Apple vs being featured by Techcrunch

There were no metrics on the sales of the app at that time but Techcrunch did not bring in much sales. On the other hand, after being featured by Apple, the sales improved noticeably. What was even more impacting, after the feature run in Apple ended, sales dropped.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Delivery Status: (iTunes | Google Play)

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