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Bontact - Baruch Kogan

Bontact – Baruch Kogan


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About the Episode

What in the world do you say to customers to see if they actually want your product? Well, today’s guest tells me I’m doing it all wrong and shares how they approached users to understand what features to build in their product. Here’s a quick hint: start with a general question.

Baruch Kogan is the Marketing Director at Bontact.

Show Notes

How to Find Out What Customers Want

Baruch shares that the key to success is understanding customers and doing so is a straight forward process. They first built a list of people that they thought would be a good fit, starting from folks who already had chat apps.  They reached out to the community and got introduced to start ups. They sat down with them for coffee and asked them questions such as how they talk to people who visit their sites, how they got them converted, how they increase engagement, how many visitors come from mobile, etc.  From doing this over and over again, they started noticing patterns and then observed outliers from the patterns and this is where they got their data.

He mentions that you don’t have to meet everyone in person but you need to have a decent sample size and keep an open mind. What helped him as well during this time was doing screen share. They did the leg work, built the prototype and it scaled from there. 

Asking the Right Questions

People tend to close up when they are being sold to so you may want to start your questions from general to specific. If you lead them to certain areas that you want to hear by asking wrong questions, you are bound to miss the cues that they offer.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Waze: (iTunes | Google Play)

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