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Coming up is a presentation from our App Masters Connect event in Santa Monica where Chen Wang, CTO at Boost Insider, will share how to choose the right influencers, why focusing on YouTube subscriber numbers is misleading and what type of content works best.

Chen Wang is the CTO at Boost Insider.

Show Notes

How to Choose the Right Influencers

There are many metrics involved when you look for an influencer and first is the number of followers they have. But do not get too focused on this as you also need to inspect engagement, which means the likes, shares and comments as there are similarly important metrics. You also have to consider demographics such as location of the followers, their age or the gender of their main audience as these are important in your promotion. There are some pitfalls here as well so you need to check the validity of your data as it is easy to purchase followers and even views.

Don’t focus too much on the number of followers per month because when Chen checked live data for influencers and sorted per subscribers and view count, they changed. If you find people who have lots of followers, the price is usually higher. Choose those with smaller ones but with higher engagement rates as you can get them in cheaper prices.

Pitching to Influencers

Once you find the right influencer, refrain from sending long emails. Be short, concise and to the point as getting their interest is the first step. Once you get their interest and they decided to sit down, listen to their suggestions as they know their audience more than you do. Once the campaign is live, engage with your influencers as well – share them in your own social media, for example, to amplify it.


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