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Boost Insider - Heidi Yu

Boost Insider – Heidi Yu


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About the Episode

I’ve been fascinated by influencer marketing and how to leverage it during an app launch, so I brought on today’s guest to talk through the strategy that has helped her clients get featured by Apple and reach the top free app for 5 days straight.

Heidi Yu is CEO & Founder at Boostinsider.

Show Notes

Mistakes That People Make When It Comes to Influencer Marketing 

When people think about influencers, they only think, “How many followers do they have?” But people have to realize that there are followers and there are bots. Bots don’t count. You also have to ask where these followers are located (US? Africa?), consider mobile versus PC traffic, and what type of people their audience is made of (20% may be your type of audience but the 80% are not) before making a decision if that person is really an influencer and before you make an offer. 

Strategies to Get Featured by Apple and Reach Top Ranks 

$1k can get you 10 to 100 influencers if your product is really attractive, make sure to create your campaigns as attractive as possible, make everything simple and clear and make your offer good. Heidi also suggests not to make your targets too narrow so that a lot of people can have visibility of your campaign and using CPC models as they are much popular than CPI offers for influencers. For campaigns, use good photos, create competitions and offer incentives so people become interested and your campaigns get picked up.

Show Mentions

Fav app:

Boostinsider :  (iTunes | Google Play)

Piano Tiles : (iTunes | Google Play)



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