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Today’s guest shares how you can drive app downloads using a forgotten social network called Tumblr. Also you will discover how her company is incorporating cryptocurrency into their product.

Heidi Yu is the CEO / Co-Founder Boostinsider & BOOSTO.

Show Notes

Driving App Downloads Using Tumblr

Tumblr is a hidden platform used by young people from 18 – 25 years old. For app developers, if you have a good product and want to utilize influencers on Tumblr, the first thing to do is to create a campaign for your own app. Place in the download link for Google Play and AppStore and bid on cost per click. If the bid is higher, more people will like to take the campaign; the lower, the less people you will get. Don’t forget about the tracking so you will learn what the solid, good clicks can drive real downloads.

To push your app out further, more people are going to YouTube and Instagram to make better content for Tumblr’s to post. We now recommend app developers going to social media to create a softer content. The first layer is that, the content creator in YouTube will already give you content, the distribution and brand awareness. The second layer, is that everyone wants to enlarge the read outs. One content will be used to create another campaign.

Incorporating Cryptocurrency Into Your Product

They are paying influencers via PayPal but some of the influencers have asked if they can be paid via bitcoin so they are now creating their own cryptocurrency. This is a new product that they will be launching soon which means that influencers in their system can get paid by cryptocurrency which they can cash out anytime they want.

Show Mention

Fav app: Coinbase: (iTunes | Google Play)

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