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Boozy - Diamond Riley

Boozy – Diamond Riley


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About the Episode

Are you struggling to learn how to code and build your first app? Well today’s guest shares her story of using a $79 eBook from AppCoda to build her first app. Also, listen to how she was able to build a partnership with a James Beard Award nominee to help launch her app.

Diamond Riley is the Founder of Boozy.

Show Notes

An Idea Coming to Fruition because of Sheer Determination

Boozy is the one-stop-shop for happy hours and bottomless brunches in Washington DC.  The creator of this app is a former law school student who could not find a watering hole in DC in x amount of time. She decided that she just had to make this app as she could see it met a real need. The truly inspirational angle with Diamond’s story is her leap of faith from doing the “acceptable” (being a student) to doing what she simply wants to do, never mind whether it looks like a “rational” choice to other people or not. But there was method in this madness. The nitty-gritty process of the creation of this app was anything but random. Diamond literally put on her working boots, donned her thinking hat and rolled up her sleeves because she did all the moves right. If she did not know coding, well, she was going to learn it!  It only took a $79 eBook and sheer doggedness for Diamond to understand coding. She pounded the metro streets of DC manually taking pictures, gathering data and interviewing customers. She bar crawled with her mom to get every detail accurate. This is one person who is not afraid of hard work and sure enough – all that effort paid handsomely. Her app was accepted on first try.

How to Build a Partnership to Help Launch an App

Diamond has that innate business savvy that gives her an instinctive grasp of market strategy. Her app caters to a particular set of users, the happy hour and bottomless brunch niche group. Logic dictates that restaurateurs would naturally be interested to be in her app too as their success depends on this niche group too. She was able to successfully pitch her idea to one of the respected restaurateurs in Washington DC and from thereon, as they say, “the rest is history.” This man, who is a James Beard awardee, became a convert and eventually became her business partner in launching her app. The James Beard Awards are the highest recognition honors given to food and beverage professionals in America.  Basically the trick to getting an influential partner in a particular niche is to convince the person with influence in that niche. This kind of partner gives the developer credibility and invaluable support.

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