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Today’s guest is Alex Austin who is the CEO of Branch Metrics. You will discover why just looking at CPI may not lead to the actual value of a user, how to determine a user’s viral worth and his story telling tips that helped him raise over $100M.

Alex Austin is the CEO of Branch Metrics

Show Notes

Why Do You Need To Deep Link?

Deep linking works well on the browser. However, most individuals are using mobile devices today, but the transition is not as seamless as in the browser. In the mobile apps, you have to open several other apps to eventually access the content of the link that you just clicked.

Branch exists to recreate the interconnectivity in the browser. Branch offers deep linking so when a user clicks on a link on Instagram they will immediately be taken into the content they are expecting. This creates a great experience for the users.

How Do You Use Deep Linking With Influencer Marketing?

According to Alex, influencer marketing suffers from fragmentation because they are not on the businesses platform. They are in some other apps like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. So, you have to provide these influencers with some ability to reference back to your business to track their performance.

Some influencers use Branch links to link out of Instagram and deep link back to your app. Also, you should provide Instagram to app or Instagram to website attribution to know how much revenue the influencer is bringing to your business. From this, you will know how much you need to pay to the influencer.

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