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Branch Metrics - Mada Seghete

Branch Metrics – Mada Seghete


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About the Episode

Are you struggling to get your app or product service off the ground? Well today’s guest is the co-founder at Branch Metrics and she shares her strategies about growth hacking for the early stage start-up for both the app and SaaS space. Also, listen to the part of the show when she shares what types of channels and features drive the best click-to-install rates.

Mada Seghete is Co-founder at Branch Metrics.

Show Notes

Growth Hacks for Early Stage Start Ups

From an app perspective, using Facebook to run $10-segmented ad campaigns is something you want to try to get to know who your target market is. Mada ran the ads in two ways:  the big audience and then narrowed it down to segments (men vs women, women with children, those with interest in art, etc.) and analyzed from the results who are buying and who are not. Facebook is cheap when you are running tests so you would realize who are interested in your products without spending too much. From here, you can reach out to your identified market via other channels such a blogs, forums or go organic.

For Branch’s growth, they decided to make a group and organized meet ups. It was an offline approach which proved successful so they took these events to other cities. Another channel they used which took off was good content marketing.

Channels that Drive the Best Click-to-install Rates

The Branch team found out that conversion ratios in Android and iOS are the same so they looked into what channel is being used the most to share apps. Facebook ranked higher because a lot are using Facebook ads. Pinterest was high as well but a great contender was SMS. If you share an app link to a friend and they click it, it is highly likely that they will install the app. The key here is the touch of personalization. What’s App was smaller than SMS but the lowest was Twitter. The test was not done in Instagram at the time as there was no way to share links during the test.

Show Mentions

We analyzed 12 million app links to find out what drives the best click-to-install conversion
– Fav app: Black Box: (iTunes)

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