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Bright Newt - Austin Church

Bright Newt – Austin Church


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About the Episode

How do you get the most out of an app source code? Well today’s guests tells us the big mistakes that he sees app developers make when reskinning apps. Also, listen to his tips on how you can write better copy for your app description and website.

Austin Church is the founder of Bright Newt.

Show Notes

Our guest for this episode is Austin Church, a mobile app developer and a seller of source codes as well. Today, we discuss about how to deal with things that may take the enthusiasm out of you to tips you should learn if you choose to do reskinning or app flipping.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Austin:

  • How he transitioned from being a coed and copywriter to being an app developer,
  • The experience of building his first app, Mustache Bash, and the lessons that came with it,
  • Building emotional resilience, learning to bounce back from the things that took  the wind out of his business and how he got over receiving negative feedback and other low points in his entrepreneurial career,
  • Exhausting a source code, sticking to one particular investment until you see a high return and tips on how to make full use of your purchased source codes,
  • How to come up with 10-20 different themes for a source codes by going to the app store and checking what’s popular, researching and choosing themes carefully,
  • Source code recommendation for aspiring developers, and
  • How to be a good copy writer by writing how you talk, avoiding hyper boles, and focusing on the first two sentences of your articles to locked in audience attention.

Show Mentions

Random Fact Generator Source Code

– Fav app: Evernote: (iTunes | Google Play)

– Fav book: Elements of Style

– Fav book: On Writing by Stephen King

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