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How do you build a successful portfolio of apps on multiple platforms including Steam? Well today’s guests breaks down her process for coming up with game ideas, discusses revenue for paid vs free apps and shares a great tip for those getting started in the app business.

Laura Tallardy is an Independent Game & App Developer.

Show Notes

Where to Find New Game Ideas

Laura focuses on the children’s arena so she keeps her eye on what’s popular for children on Netflix, on the street or anywhere she sees them. She studies where the trends are going and finds opportunity from it.

You can apply the same approach when looking for a new game idea. Observe the trend in your niche and see how you can apply it into your game. By doing this, you are applying real-life examples on your game where it fits, which makes your gameplay more relatable to players.

Which Between Paid and Free Apps Offer Better Revenue

Many believe that paid apps offer a better value proposition and that it will deliver higher revenue. However, it turns out that the majority of the people prefer the free version where they pay to unlock a game. In short, the revenue numbers for the free version with in-app purchase outperforms the paid version.

This is because it’s easier for users to pick a free version because they don’t need to pay anything for it resulting to exposure of your app to more people. In the end, with this approach, the numbers will work in your favor.

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