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Today’s guest will share how they have used web tools and mobile apps as a content marketing strategy. You will discover how to come up with the right ideas, what constitutes a successful campaign and finally listen to how one tool worked better as a chat bot versus a microsite.

Justin Adler is the Co-Founder and COO at NorthOne.

Carter Grieve is the Head of Growth at NorthOne.

Show Notes

How to Use Web Tools as Content Marketing Strategy

Usually, you will spend your money on direct response ads to promote your app. Ads are easy to set and it’s a quick winner when it comes to showing growth numbers but most of the time, you can allocate your money into a better channel. For instance, you can use the same money to hire engineers, marketers or designers and have them build a useful tool that has a positive impact on your business. Content marketing has changed over the years, no one wants to read another “10 Ways To Do XYZ” article. Free tools are more helpful because they provide long-term value for prospective customers. The tool can also serve as your blog.

Microsite vs Chatbot

Creating microsites to promote a tool is a good move but using chatbots proves to be more effective. Justin and Carter had a moderate success with microsites but experienced a huge success with a chatbot.

If you use a chatbot, you can map all the questions and do the calculations on Facebook messenger. Then you can send the user to a landing page.

Chatbots aren’t new anymore. In fact, if you are observant you might notice one on your Facebook news feed. There are good and bad chatbots, so make sure that you do the former. Chatbots are very effective in promoting tools when done correctly.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: SkyHi: (iTunes | Google Play)

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