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About the Episode

We have Buildbox founder Trey Smith to talk about his journey from making apps to now running one of the most popular game engines. He shares how he started a mastermind with some of the biggest names in the app business, the basic principles of game design, and one of the biggest mistakes that game developers make.

Trey Smith is Founder at Buildbox.

Show Notes

Starting a Mastermind Group with Some of the Biggest Names in the App Business 

When one of Trey’s games got to the Top 25, he wanted to reach out and build his contact so he emailed every single developer in the Top 25 games in the free charts and in the paid ones at that time and asked if they want to join a Mastermind group that he was organizing. It was just an email group but they talked about business. This Mastermind group consisted of the Temple Run guys, the founder of RevMob and other big names during the day. Everyone was ranking high, everyone had their own strategies and Trey learned so much, early on, from them . 

Basic Principles of Game Design 

Simplicity in game design walks through a lot of different things. The first thing that Trey and Nick always thinks about is what they call, the universe of the game. Imagine you have a car in your game and in this world, you do not have internal combustion engines as the car is powered by some alien rock power supply. Because of this, what should the exhaust look like? In this universe, it will not come out as the normal smoke, but a green light instead. But if we will have that in the game, all items with this kind of engine must have the same green light. The idea basically is that, you should have consistency in your universe. Stick to your rules through your entire game: every single scene, every part of it.

Course: Simplicity in Game Design

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Endless Sky: (iTunes)

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