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Want to know how to build features that your customers will actually want to use? Well today’s guest shares his 4-step process on how to turn your app idea into a product that users will love. Plus, listen to his tips on the types of questions you should ask potential customers.

Ken Vermeille is the CEO at Vermillion Sky.

Show Notes

How to Build Features that Your Customers Actually Need?

At times, we are tempted to build features we want but what should be done is to rank all the features based on its effectiveness to solve the customers’ problem. This ranking should be done after completing your customer interviews.

After the feature ranking, developed the top features only during this phase to drive a limited set which would compliment the core of the application. Once you understand whether or not the core of the application works, then this is the time to add in features which would end up being enhancements to either delight the customers or have the users continue using the application. So the idea is – build the core first. This is what is often referred to as the minimum viable product.

4-Process to Turn Your App Idea Into A Product That Users Will Love

Have a process to turn one’s app idea into something that potential customers would love. To do this, have four to five meetings with your clients.

For the first meeting, understand what the client wants to build and get the specs of the app. Second, meet again to understand who the potential customers of the app are. Spend time figuring out who the customers are, which could mean that this meeting can take from an hour to three hours of deep diving. After this, look for the customers and interview them if the app is something that they really need.

For the third meeting, take the information from the second meeting and measure it against the market. On the fourth meeting, determine whether or not the app idea works and come together to put a solution presentation. At this phase, you can then recommend how the app will work, who to target, what features to build and what strategies to use to launch the app.

Show Mentions

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