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Build My Bod - Jonathan Kaplan

Build My Bod – Jonathan Kaplan


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About the Episode

Today’s guest is a plastic surgeon and app creator and he talks about the mobile trends that he sees in the health industry. Also listen to his advice on how to sell to your customers when they may not initially see the benefit of your product.

Jonathan Kaplan is CEO and Founder at BuildMyBod.

Show Notes

Mobile Trends in the Health Industry 

A most penetrating insight Jonathan shared is that in the health industry, there are always two perspectives, namely the provider’s perspective and the consumer’s perspective. If we are talking mobile trends in the health industry from the consumer’s perspective, Jonathan believes that aside from the obvious price list issue, medical diagnosis and home biological testing are the two biggest things for mobile apps today. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to self diagnose symptoms, measure blood sugar, body temperature, heart rate, have a sort of EKG via one’s mobile phone?  Or are you worried about the amount of pollutants in the air or water in your area? No problem – get your phone and check it out! These are the consumer trends in the health industry that Jonathan believes will take the mobile apps in this category places in the future!

Making YourCustomers See the Benefits of Your Product

The most basic app service Jonathan’s app provides for cosmetic doctors even before they see the patient is a convenient filtering of patients. Because the potential patient already knows about professional fees or the total cost of a cosmetic procedure, when they go inside the consultation room, affordability is not an issue anymore. This saves time for both doctor and patient.  The app has a wish list that directly links the patient to the platform where there is a listing of relevant doctors with all the useful links to get more info. The doctors can also follow up leads based on the responses.

Jonathan had a unique problem when marketing his app because health care people were not into marketing! They did not see any benefit in being upfront with their professional fees and they did not think that they should be marketing their skills at all. So Jonathan had to prove to everyone that his app works. The app initially started with only a listing of cosmetic surgeons.  It now includes dentists and most specialties of the medical field. He basically had to explain to every doctor why a patient would want to know how much the fees are before they even would want to call a particular doctor. The moral of this story is: In marketing, what may be obvious to the marketer may not be at all obvious to the target market. So the marketer has to point out the obvious. Never assume that your target sees it as you do.

Show Mentions

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