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Burn out Game Ventures - Rupert Meghnot

Burn out Game Ventures – Rupert Meghnot


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About the Episode

What’s the #1 mistake that game developers make when pursuing their idea? Well today’s guest says it’s all about planning and he walks us through his process for developing a plan for your game. Also, listen to how the story of how he went from a “bathroom guy” into a game investor.

Rupert Meghnot is the Founder and CEO at Burnout Game Ventures.

Show Notes

How to Developa Plan

Rupert has seen lots of game ideas and heard tons of pitches and he shares that the top mistake that he has observed is developers failing to plan. They will come to him solely with their idea and with no documentation at all or plans on how to proceed. Rupert shares that the first thing developers should do is to bring in people who will work with them in their vision. Then you can proceed in collecting your wants, needs and expectations and prioritize them in order of importance to arrive with agreed objectives. From here, you can then develop policies and procedures, and plan on how to go about completing tasks. And in that short period of time, you will have your whole project laid out.

From Bathroom Guy to Being the Go-To Guy

Rupert came up with an idea called Video-Snap a while back and despite the good start, it went sideways as investments which were committed did not fall through. This left him without any income for two years and with a quarter millions dollars’ worth of debt. He ended up working as a bathroom guy in a club to keep himself afloat but this became an uncanny venue for him to pick things up as he was able to meet people and within three years, he was completely debt-free.

He was able to do this by making connections with the people visiting the club and pairing them with developers who are in search of venture capital. He had a great way of getting people’s attention and had never stopped pursuing his goals despite the detours.

What is the one lesson that you want the audience to take away from this interview?

If you are going to do something, do it right. Take the time to plan it because 99% of those who fail did not plan.

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