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Today’s guest is the Business Development Manager at Google Play, a digital distribution service that serves as the official app store for the Android operating system. You will hear the top things you need to increase app subscriptions, pricing plans and the common pitfalls that she sees with the app developers.

Jeni Miles is the Business Development Manager at Google Play.

Show Notes

How to Increase App Subscriptions

You do not have to do everything all at once but you need to have the bare minimum, the basic kind of winback or churn prevention strategy. This is crucial, otherwise, you have a leaky bucket problem.

You have to convey why your product is a subscription service and why it’s worth subscribing. Consider a subscriber who has been using the app for several months then highlight that investment on an ongoing basis to make the subscriber understand that if he or she unsubscribes, he or she will lose access to everything you offer.

The Common Pitfalls that App Developers Make

A number of developers often obsessively focus on improving the usage of a particular feature. They focus their energy to get more people using that feature. But you have to understand why that feature is valuable to your users. If you focus on optimizing everything for one behavior, you will miss half the story. You can use the behavior data with more qualitative information to understand why people want to use that feature, what are the benefits of using those features and in making sure that the said feature is actually fulfilling people’s needs.

Otherwise, you’re trying to drive people to do something that will make your metrics great but isn’t actually very helpful for your user base.

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