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Are you looking to create a SaaS product in the app space? Well today’s guest talks about building a product for himself and turning it into a successful product used by major brands such as Evernote and Uber. He shares his advice on SaaS pricing, figuring out your target market and the importance of building an audience even if you are an introvert.

Stuart Hall is the Founder and CEO of Appbot and a Owner and Developer at Bytesize Apps.

Show Notes

Advice on SaaS Pricing 

Pricing is something that you really have to test. The same with marketing, there so are many channels that I never would’ve thought of to try and acquire users from.

Figuring Out Your Target Market 

It is really essential to find out who your customer is and discover your target market. It takes a lot of trial and error to do this and in our part, we targeted different people with advertising, we even came out to the US and talked to a heap of customers to ensure we really understand their pain points. In doing so, we can then solve them and market to them.

Building an Audience Even if you are an Introvert

If your sole focus is to build an audience off of nothing, you are probably going down the wrong path. But when you do something, like a podcast or a blog post, you are actually sharing information and other things which could help other people. An audience and branding falls off out of that. We grew our audience for Appbot because someone read a blog post and shared it to someone.

For an introvert, writing is great because you can talk to people without talking to people. Write from the heart and it will resonate to people. Just start writing it down and don’t be afraid to publish it. Just don’t read the comments on Reddit as you may never write again, hahaha, but other than that, you’ll get some amazing feedback.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Scannable by Evernote: (iTunes)

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