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Coming up, you are going to learn from the app guy himself, Jeremy Callahan. You will discover how to quickly prototype your app, how to decide building a native or hybrid app and most importantly why you need to build your online presence because “if they don’t know you, they can’t flow you”.

Jeremy Callahan is the CTO and Founder of Callahan & Associates.

Show Notes

Quickly Prototyping Your App

Everybody has a million-dollar app idea. It starts with an idea, a conversation then at that point, the next important step is to create a prototype. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the phone, it can just be a piece of paper with squares written on it. This is where meres idea and those who will take action gets separated. Jeremy’s favorite prototype tool is called Ionic Creator.

Building a Native or a Hybrid App

First of all, when you refer to hybrid, you are basically programming in the web – HTML, CSS, and Java Script – and you are using a converter. For native, on the other hand, you have to have iOS and android developers. Jeremy’s number one way to determine whether or not to build a native or hybrid app is looking at his phone, checking his apps and determining how many of them are just websites which do not give turn by turn directions. If an app is just a website, you should always use a hybrid framework. If it’s anything else beyond that which would entail use of Snapchat or Instagram, then it would definitely be a native app.

Build an Online Presence

People can find you in any social channels but once they do, you should have a portfolio. The point of your videos and your content is for people to see what you are passionate about and see what it’s going to be like working with you. People want to do business with who they can trust and having a blog, a video, a podcast can give people a glimpse of your personality so try to get as much as you can out there.

Show Mention

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Jeremy’s YouTube Channel


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