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Want to know how to increase ad revenue on Google Play? Well today’s guest shares how to run non-intrusive native ads on your Android app. Also, you will discover how to increase in-app purchases on Google Play (where no one buys), the ad meditation tool of his choice and a cool little ASO trick that increased downloads by 30%.

Jonathan Raveh is the Director of Monetization at CallApp.

Show Notes

Running Non-intrusive Native Ads

Their app is 100% free and they monetize everything through ads. Their ads are all native and they incorporate them in almost every screen but they work on making them as non-intrusive as they can. There are no rewarded videos and the ads have the same look and feel of their screens. They do not look like banner ads nor does it pop up over the usability of the app. They do not have an overlay on the lock screen and it has its own space as they try to keep it away from the functions which users rely on.

Increasing In-app Purchases on Google Play

CallApp uses the data of their customers to customize their push notification approach. They do not do a lot of these but this is their main tool in communicating with users. They have certain events to help them understand which users are more valuable and are more subjective to doing purchases. They use this raw data to configure each push notification.

The Ad Meditation Tool of his Choice

Jonathan uses MoPub as his mediation tool and has been using this to serve ads to his users since the very beginning. He also tried different ad units and formats as they continually try to optimize. They tried using banner ads in different geos but his intuition failed him. They also experimented with Facebook native videos for the US market but they ended up with similar results. Revenues were lower so they decided to take them off and went back to strictly native ad formats.

Show Mention

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