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We’ve got an action packed episode with the Director of User Acquisition at Calm, Matt Horiuchi. You are going to discover ad strategies that actually retain users, why high production value is not that important in video ads and how to make sure you have the right attribution in place when running influencer marketing campaigns.

Matt Horiuchi is the Director of User Acquisition at Calm.

Show Notes

Different Strategies to Retain Users

Calm gets better retention using ads that pulls content directly from the app. Having the user sit down and meditate for a bit or giving them some kind of mindfulness or getting-ready-to-sleep exercises are examples of approaches that works better for retention.

The ads don’t necessarily need to be of high production value. In fact, they have a crappy version for TV. They have the assets and the designer just whipped it in a couple of hours and it immediately went live. The return was good enough that it’s still running now.

Your other options include influencer marketing. You can work with an influencer and create Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, Snapchat ads and more.

How to Make Sure You Have the Right Attribution When Running Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Matt recommends that you plan a strong attribution strategy whether you’re working with an agency or with influencers directly. You also have to agree on what kinds of posts at what cost because mapping the cost per acquisition can be difficult.

When they run a lot of Instagram feeds, they come up with hybrid attribution models that use post engagement as the kind of score on the creative because when you’re having people make their own creatives, you will get very different qualities. They also ask a link to their bio.

Instagram feeds are difficult to track but if you can monitor the quality, the content of the post that works well on platforms that are more trackable like Instagram stories then all you have to do is just make sure that the interaction and delivery are there.

There are platforms that are easier to track. There are channels where you can just put a tracking link on it. Most people who want real direct attribution use that.

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