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Today’s guest is the founder of the app Caribu which has been featured on an Apple commercial and works with brands like Mattel. You will discover how they talked to real users to create a design that Apple loves, how data dictates UI and how to keep a product going during a founder fallout.

Alvaro Sabido is the CTO at Caribu.

Show Notes

Talking to Users to Create a Design that Apple Loves

Creating a design is definitely a team effort and it also helps to test out your designs. For example, Alvaro’s team put out new designs weekly and initially, they even went to schools and interviewed parents to see how they interacted with the app. They went through a process with them checking how the app worked when they were at home or at their office. If you want to build something, you need to be an expert on that specific case so for them, because they didn’t have kids or nieces in this age range, it came down to learning everything they could from the real users. The design and the functionality will come but you need to test all the time.

Keeping a Product Going  After a Founder  Fallout

People get into a project for different reasons and one of the most difficult things in being in one is not knowing who will stick around. More often than not, the original team splits up and you have to deal with that task of rebuilding a team which can involve refinancing. The irony is that without a team, it’s hard to refinance and so you end up running a crippled company all by yourself. When this happened to their team, they ran out of money but the app kept growing organically by itself. This was also the time when they got featured at the Apple Keynote and got into an Apple campaign. They got calls from different publishers and their app continued to become relevant as people became aware that it existed.

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