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Chamber DS - Jordan Bryant

Chamber DS – Jordan Bryant


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About the Episode

How do you build relationships with key influencers that help you grow your business? Well today’s guest shares the strategies he used to build up his network and tips on how to get started if you’re a little shy. Also, listen to his advice on sales and the one tactic that helps him close the deal.

Jordan Bryant is the Host & Founder of The App Academy Podcast and Co-Founder & CEO of Business Development at Chamber DS.

Show Notes

Creating Strategic Relationships in Businesses

  • Provide Value. What you already have is valuable. Look at the ways that you can show your customers how this value can be valuable to them too. This is done by listening. You can figure out the relevance of value of your product only if you can pinpoint what your customer considers valuable for them. There must be a meeting of needs.
  • Be the Right Person for the Job. In order to get a customer on board, you must do your research. Research is important because from it, any sales person will know how to position himself and his product. So when you and your client gets into the nitty gritty details, you already know your client, where to take that client and how far, and show the client how strong is the competition. This is showing the client that you are exactly the person for the job.
  • Help the Client Simplify Ideas. A good marketing service should be able to help the client figure out how to spend the budget. In spending a promotion budget, it makes sense to help the client pinpoint priorities. Do you want to spend the entire promotional budget at launch date? Are we going to reserve some budget for Version 2? Will there be additional features later that may require a promotional budget also?
  • Hire the Right People. To hire the right people, first you must figure out why you are hiring them. What do you need them for? Make a list and be sure when you are setting your expectations of the job, to over deliver the job description. This way, you can be sure that there will be no complaints of work not being part of the job description. Further, an employer should be able to figure out the personal dynamics. Who will work with whom? This is important because work can be affected by personal relationships.
  • Network to get more clients. Create strategic partnerships and leveraging that network to be fruitful are ways to go to be successful in the service based business. It is all about building connections. Service–based business is reputation-based. Thus, to be successful in building networks, keep your contacts, maintain them, provide good service and more importantly, at the initial stage of the business, develop reputable contacts. These contacts will be valuable in creating your credibility in whatever niche you have chosen. If you are shy to approach people, just go out and do it anyway. To be successful in sales, you must reach out tocreate partnerships. You do not have any other choice. So just go out and do it. Buy them lunch if need be.

Making it in Sales

The ability to be genuine, to be able to build trust and to approach everything through value exchange is the way to success in sales.  Being told “NO” so many times does not really matter. Goals can be achieved by being resilient and being able to bounce back when met with resistance. It is not trying to sell but allowing people to have options to buy and showing them what their paying points are. It is all about making people realize that there is a need and you are there to provide that need. This attitude has led to high conversion rate of sales.

A Tactic in Closing Deals 

It is not just about making the sale but being in touch with the customer. Be able to provide value. It is not a simple case of telling the customer, “Yes, you need this. If you could just sign here, we can get started.” It is all about figuring out what makes your customer tick. Selling the idea of mowing a lawn or painting a house could be all about going out with the customer to have a beer. In closing deals, Jordan Bryant advises to do what it takes to get that sale. For this reason, a good salesman must be able to know his customer.

Show Mentions

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