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Getchitter - Seth Knapp

Getchitter – Seth Knapp


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About the Episode

Are you looking for growth hacking strategies that can drive app downloads? Well today’s guest talks about a strategy that he used to get press on one of the biggest fashion blogs on the web. Also, listen to how he was able to persist even though there were days when he was running out of cash.

Seth Knapp is founder and CEO of Chitter.

Show Notes

Growth Strategies for Dramatic Scaling

Seth shares that businesses are capable of scaling extensively as everyone is attainable that is whywe need to look at growth as a completely separate facet in building a business. It should be separate from business development and marketing. One of the strategies he used came in mind after he learned about Mark Jacobs’ Tweet Shop where he uses only social currency to buy Mark Jacobs products. He wanted to pitch Chitter to him but realizing the challenge in getting to him, they did a Mark Jacobs promotion in their app where they gave a Mark Jacobs bottle of perfume a day to show that they can get more results and more consumer engagement for way lesser cost. The story became big and got out as Mark Jacobs collaboration with a startup. They had to deal with his legal team but it became one of the most sought out fashion story for days and they had scaled dramatically after that.

Perseverance and Self-Belief

There was a time wherein they thought that they were going to raise money fairly easily but it did not fall through. This happened during the time when they were about to run out of money and in additional to this, they have trusted their initial investors to deliver a certain amount but they have ended with only a third of what was forecasted. Seth had exhausted all his savings, was taking a very meager salary and was seriously considering the corporate world at that time. He felt that that was the most terrifying thing in the world at that time, his team was starting to fight with each other and things turned personal but he was fixed to see the whole thing through and he persevered. He shared that it was important not to let any doubts and to believe in yourself during this time that you will find a way.

What is the one lesson that you want the user to take away from this interview?

If you really believe in what you are doing and if the will is there, you are going to succeed. Just don’t give up, just keep at it and you’’ be successful.

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