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About the Episode

Are you struggling to get your business off the ground or just having one of those days? Well today’s guests provide us with useful advice sprinkled in with amazing energy about how to make anything fun. Also, listen to the part of the show where Laura shares presentation tips based on her theater experience.

Luke Stoffel and Laura von Holt is Founder & Chief Executive Belieber at Cinderly, Inc.

Show Notes

How to Make Anything Fun

Luke and Laura have always been involved in quirky stuff and are always looking at pushing their boundaries a little bit more. To be able to do this as well, Laura advises to have a vision of what you want to make and if the moment of fear arrives, you just need to push past it and hold on to the vision because it more important to get something out to the world instead of just sitting there and thinking of how afraid you are.

Presentation tips Based on Her Theater Experience

Standing out in a conference can be difficult as most people usually look like everyone else. To breakout of the mold, Laura uses her background in entertainment and theater. She would go out as a blue fairy complete with the fairy wings, for example, as she believes that you have to use what you know and do what you are good at. She knew they can sell this angle as she doesn’t have any problems standing in front of people and telling them what she wants to tell them about. Knowing that they will be in front of thousands of people, she knows they will be crushed if they leave the conference with people not knowing who they are.

During presentations, to calm your nerves, Laura’s advice:

  1. Practice in front of other people. If you can’t, stand up and say it out loud in front of a stuffed animal or a picture as long as you are making eye contact with somebody.
  2. Record yourself and listen to it over and over again. You will understand the cadence of your voice and hear how you are telling the story.
  3. Start off with a high energy.

Show Mentions

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Tripit: (iTunes | Google Play)

Coffee Meets Bagel: (iTunes | Google Play)

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