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Citrus Media - Marc Soare

Citrus Media – Marc Soare


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About the Episode

Are you struggling with your app business and considering giving up? Well, today’s guest talks about being focused on projects and gives us a great reminder that success takes time. Also, listen to how he was able to find clients to the point that now he’s actually turning them away.

Marc Soare is the Founder and CEO at Citrus Media.

Show Notes

How Focus Can Lead to Success

Marc Soare was already a successful musician when he did a complete 360 turn and decided to be a successful an appreneur. In just 2 years he had a portfolio of about 100 apps consisting of 10% apps and 90% games. He points out that his success came from his ability to focus on an interest to the exclusion of most things. He attributes his success to his ability to compartmentalize and focus on what he wants. Certainly there is no quick way to success.

How to Have More Clients Than You Can Handle

Ensuring that you always do quality work will always have your clients will come,  come back and come back again — this time, may be with some friends. Take your plans seriously but take it a step further and create a network of friends and people in the business. Marc discovered that although there seems to be a lot of people trying to build an app, few of them are serious enough about it to really do the app well. So Marc advises to be serious about your plans and pursue them diligently. Learn how to do the app and learn coding so that you do not waste so much time asking the impossible from the developer. This is the very simple formula Marc followed and sure enough he has been having more clients than he can handle.

What advice can you give to anyone looking to build an app?

If somebody is new to mobile development, they should not expect to get a lot of money from apps right away. They should be expecting to be in the app industry for years before earning decent income. They need to focus on it, don’t stop their focus and continually learn to be a better apps developer.

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