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Clarity - Dan Martell

Clarity – Dan Martell


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About the Episode

Do you want to decrease the likelihood that your app becomes a complete failure? Well, today’s guest, Dan Martell, shows us the approach he uses to presell his ideas. Also, listen to the part of the episode when Dan schools me when I try to presell my app idea.

Dan Martell is the CEO and founder of Clarity, a service that helps entrepreneurs give and get relevant advice over the phone.

There are currently over 20,000 experts on Clarity and over 30,000 calls have been completed to date.

About Clarity

Clarity makes it easy for you to find, schedule and pay for expert advice over the phone to grow your business.
“I was able to connect with the expertise I needed today!”
“The ROI from my Clarity call was easily 1000%”
“I do calls every week to make faster, smarter decisions.”
“Well designed & beautiful, the future of business advice.”

* Find Great Experts: Search or browse experts by skills, industries, topics, hourly rate, location, etc.
* Call Management: Easily request and manage expert calls from your phone.
* Favorites: Save experts for review
* Post a Request: Don’t know who to talk with? Post a request and our community will help find you the right expert.

“Our mission is to have a positive impact on over a billion people within the decade by connecting entrepreneurs with each other to help them achieve their business goals and dreams.”

Show Mentions

– Book: Personal MBA

– Book: The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank

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