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Coming up is a strategy call that I did with someone who is launching a game with a popular boxer. You will discover how to launch an app with an influencer, what social networks to promote the app and how to pitch Apple for a possible feature.

Show Notes

Launching an App with an Influencer

When you go this route, look at the engagement and not just the number of followers in their accounts. If they have 5 million followers,  take a look at how many likes or comments  they are getting per post as this is a good indicator of engagement.

Pitching  Apple for a Possible Feature

Plan two to three weeks in advance before the launch, then look for boxing fights even if it does not include characters in your game and then go pitch Apple. Apple loves to feature apps which go with a certain event or theme so it doesn’t hurt to send your pitches over to Just tell a good story and that might give you the bug push you need.

Other Promotion Tips 

  • Paid to Free campaign – if you have a paid in-app purchase, make it free and you can pitch it in App Advice or other related sites and run that campaign at the same time.
  • Double Up Feature – if you got other promotions going on, push it out once to get enough hit to get to the top of the charts.

Show Mention

– Clash of Champs: (iTunes)

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