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Today’s guest is a Kara Dake, VP of Growth & Partnerships at CleverTap. You are going to discover what key engagement and retention strategies to focus on, how to personalize your push notifications to re-engage your users and the future of machine learning and AI.

Kara Dake is the VP of Growth at CleverTap.

Show Notes

B2B Marketing Activities Kara Manages for CleverTap

Kara does B2B marketing activities for the company and SAS growth strategies with content marketing. Her roles include a lot of public speaking, paid webinars, and other growth activities.

She also supports their customers own growth strategies. When it comes to growth, Kara puts an emphasis on engagement and retention side.

What’s CleverTap and Why Mobile Marketing Needs This?

CleverTap is a mobile marketing platform that focuses on analytics and engagement. They analyze everything about your app from the user, demographic, technographic and psychographic perspective.

They offer a full Suite of Engagement feature that includes push notifications, SMS, email, web pop-up, web push and Facebook remarketing to get people coming back into your app after they downloaded it. This is important to mobile marketers because it will help you set up your campaigns based on the segmentation and data points that are provided by your users. This helps a lot with retention.

Key Engagement and Retention Strategies One Should Focus

When it comes to key engagement and retention strategies, you should start by figuring out what features your app offers. Scale it back and talk about the different features available in your app and this will help you create strategies.

In the analytic side, you should use a tool that can do both analysis and engagement. A number use separate tools for this, but having one tool that can do both jobs is more efficient. In this way, you can make real-time engagement decisions based on real-time analytics that are coming in.

Kara also recommends that you look at funnel analysis and see at what stage your users are dropping off before they convert. You should also look at the cohort analysis to understand your users based on the behavior they demonstrated while using your app. Track their actions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In this way, you can measure your user retention and engagement.

Best In Class Use Cases For Engagement and Retention

According to Kara, you can send personalized push notifications by using your customers’ names and location. You can also deep link them into something they did in the app and take them directly back into that. Customizing notifications enables one to have a personalized experience with your app.

The campaign for personalized push notification can be triggered based on the users’ profiles and past behaviors and actions while they are using your app. You can also do a time-based trigger notification by considering their activities. If a user is likely to add something to his cart within 15 minutes, then offer an upsell within that window.

Email can also be personalized or customized. You can send a customer a campaign based on his in-out behavior. For those who uninstalled, it’s good to reach out and invite the customer to come back. You can also embed a survey within the email why they want to uninstall. This will give you that critical user experience feedback that will be very beneficial to analyze user retention.

Future Of AI and Machine Learning in the Mobile Marketing Automation Space

Most of the stuff has become predictive and automated. However, the majority of the data still needs to be harnessed with a strong algorithm, so humans will still have jobs despite the bigger roles of AI and machine learning. The human element will be more in the creativity and copy part.

Meanwhile, the works of the marketers might be reduced due to AI and machine learning. For this, Kara advise that you continue to leverage your work and emotional intelligence. She believes that one should not be intimidated by the computer science part.


1:25 – Kara’s B2B marketing activities at CleverTap

2:24 –  What is CleverTap?

4:50 –  Key engagement and retention strategies to focus on

5:28 – Why use one tool that can do both analysis and engagement

 7:04 – Why check the funnel analysis?

8:06 –  Why look at cohorts analysis?

10:08 – Personalization in push notifications

12:01 – Best way to get people enable push notifications

17:52 – Re-engage users to get them back or keep them longer from uninstalling

26:28 – Future of machine learning and AI



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