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Today’s guest is a Kara Dake, VP of Growth & Partnerships at CleverTap, and a specialist in mobile user acquisition and retention. She shares how one company surveyed their uninstalled users, so they can decrease their uninstall rate, how using a person’s name can increase engagement with your push notifications and common mobile marketing mistakes you should avoid.

Kara Dake is the VP Growth & Partnerships at CleverTap.

Show Notes

Surveys to Decrease Uninstall Rates

On average, people will spend 5x the money in acquiring users than retaining them but as you develop you app, it is important to already think about retention strategies within the product itself. Before you start acquisition campaigns, you should also start planning your user onboarding and engagement as 90% of apps are uninstalled and are never used again. It’s a lot cheaper to retain and reengage users as they are already sold on your app. CleverTap has seen a lot of success in reengaging users by sending emails containing value propositions for them to come back. This is a good vehicle as well to run surveys to find out reasons why the user uninstalled and using this data to improve. Remember that the key here is grabbing their email addresses.

Increasing Engagement with Push Notifications

Ensure that you do your onboarding cleverly so your users will enable push notifications as this is a great engagement tool and the most used engagement technique. If people are not enabling this, you might be asking the wrong way. Personalization can go a long way so use names or other qualifiers, categoriesor preferences so the experience is better. Emojis are fun too try embedding them in.

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