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Today’s guest went from agency to running a high growth ad network to now building an innovative technology for body measurement. You will discover how the heck he’s able to run his two companies, using rewarded video as a monetization channel and how he decides to pivot or start a new company.

Vadim Rogovskiy is the CEO and Co-Founder of 3DLOOK and founder at Clickky.

Show Notes

Rewarded Videos as a Monetization c=Channel

The best monetization channel is dependent on the app category but if you have a game, go for rewarded videos. This is the hottest trend at this juncture and one which can give you the highest yields and most effective CPMs. Rewarded videos are when a player is given an incentive for watching a video with a call-to-action at the end. Make the videos easy to watch for your players by making them short (20 – 30 seconds) as this is the best way to get installs without spending much since you would usually just give out virtual currencies. If you are partnering with another network, you get paid by the number of installs done via your app so you can get profits through this too. Place your videos strategically during natural breaks such as between levels or when the player is about to quit.

Pivoting and Starting a New Company

Vadim started an agency with social media advertising then went into development and then to Clikky. He shares that if you are focused on a business, two years is the period when you decide if you want to push through with the business. If you see that your business is not taking off in this initial two years, maybe you are doing something wrong or maybe the market is too small so your efforts will not be rewarded as you have expected. This is what happened to his social media agency – he expected big reaps but realized that the market was too small. When he moved to apps, it was more ambitious and they were developing apps for a global audience but he saw that it was not scalable. Right now, he feels that he is right where he wants to be because he is in a scalable business with a fast growing market.

Show Mention

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– Fav app: Headspace: (iTunes | Google Play)



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