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coANDco - Christoph Burgdorfer

coANDco – Christoph Burgdorfer


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About the Episode

Are you struggling to get started on your first app or leave corporate life? Well today’s guest talks about why NOW is one of the most exciting times in history and how he got his employer to actually become his first client. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the one strategy that led to increasing downloads by 10 fold.

Christoph Burgdorfer is the Managing Director, Partner and Founder of coANDco (UK) Ltd., London

Show Notes

Today is One of the Most Exciting Times in History

If there are times that try men’s souls, Christoph believes that there are times when men’s souls can achieve great heights too. Technology today has become so flexible and adaptable that an artist can combine his creativity with technology and make something really good. This century also allows people to be connected in different ways because the patterns of communication have changed so much in the last 50 years. The big players of the world, the gatekeepers, have lost their hold and monopoly of things in the world because the internet allows people to be on an even playing field. 

Getting Anyone to be Your Client, Even Your Former Employer

It makes perfect sense to be true to what is probably the most valued ideal today – honesty. An employer will always appreciate honesty from an employee who comes up front to share his future plans. There is no telling what services an employer may need and if future plans are shared, an employer who already knows you as a good worker and appreciates your honesty will be more likely to help out as your first client. This is exactly what happened to Christoph when he explained why he was leaving his employer.

A One-Step Strategy to Increase Downloads Tenfold

Translate the metadata into all the major languages of the world. You never know in what country your app will become popular and sometimes they become popular in the least expected places.

Advice you can give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

It is not about the idea. It is about the execution. You really need to make sure that people will have a smooth experience. Improve it and iterate the good ones. Keep it simple.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Safari: (iTunes)

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